Here we go!

So, I first want to start by saying, that this blog is only for mommies out there that are perfectly unperfect!  This isn’t the place to judge other mommies or other mommies mistakes!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Tarny, and I am a perfectly unperfect mommy!  I am 27 years old, married to my perfectly unperfect husband, Michael, and we have one perfectly perfect five-year old son, Tristan.

Everyday brings numerous opportunities for me to be a perfectly unperfect mommy, and usually I, so gracefully, trip and fall over everyone.  I am sure, that by the time Tristan is grown, I will have ever so throughly, embarrass and at times mortify him with all my unpefectness, just like so many other perfectly unperfect mommies have many times before, that he will come out just right.

I am not worried that all the mess ups and other unfortunate mishaps that happen in our daily lives, that all those non mommies and Step-ford wives that love to judge us, would probably call the authorities if they saw how naturally disastrous, all of us perfectly unperfect mommies went about our days!

So enjoy the trials and tribulations of my perfectly unperfect life as a mommy and a wife!  And feel free to comment, as long as you are not judging, or leave suggestions or your own perfectly unperfect mommy stories, that make the rest of the worlds mommies feel confident, that they are not going to ruin their perfectly perfect babies and children when they make common and sometimes not so common mistakes!  We all need that kind of reassurance when we are being perfectly unperfect!

Perfect example, as I am writing this post, I am sitting here on the couch while my husband is vacuuming the kitchen, I should also let everyone know right now, that I suck at housework!  Tristan is running around the living room playing with his toy cap gun pistol, you remember the ones, the kind that you load up with the red rolls of paper with the little red dots, that when you pull the trigger on the toy gun it makes a popping sound and a little bit of smoke comes out.  All of a sudden out of no where, I hear him screaming, Oww Oww Oww, AAAAHHHHH, Help me mama help me!  So I threw down the computer and ran over to look and see what he hurt himself on!  Tristan had gotten the toy gun stuck on the back of his neck!  He must have pulled back the hammer while he was pretending to hide the toy gun behind himself, and it got caught on his neck and was pinching him!  He was fine and after a lot of kisses, he went right back to catching the bad guys!  Just chalk it up as another boo boo!  My poor baby!

-The Perfectly Unperfect Mommy